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Tahko's largest caretaker for 20 years


TAHKO24h serves both holiday home owners and tourists around the clock, every day of the year professionally, individually and diversely. We focus on quality, safety, and flexibility. Together with TAHKOcom, we offer a complete package of services from cottage rental to cleaning and maintenance services.

We also offer a variety of on-demand
services, such as:
Annual cleaning and all other cleaning services
Linen and laundry services
Maintenance service of buildings
Security system installation and security planning
Assistance for people with special needs
Moving service and interior design service

30 employees

600 properties in maintenance

90 security customers

Anything from Tahko

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We can tailor a package that has everything you need. Our services allow you to focus on the essential – ENJOYING YOUR HOLIDAY!



We handle it all – from basic cleaning to special cleaning in holiday homes, residences and businesses. Our aim is to make our customers happy, whether they are tourists or local residents. Our services are available any time of the day, any time of the week. We can make annual contracts or contracts by an hourly rate.


Property maintenance

A complete package is tailored to cover all the services that the customer needs. Our wide network allows you to easily access a wide range of specialist services, such as electricity and plumbing services.


We provide security for numerous holiday homes, business premises and equipment in the Tahko area. In the Nilsiä town centre, we provide security for shops, industrial premises, warehouses, and the Tahko central booking office.


We are committed to carry out our property maintenance and cleaning services in an environmentally responsible manner with all our staff.  All products distributed to customers, such as soaps, toilet paper and detergents, are environmentally certified. We also use environmentally friendly chemicals whenever possible. In addition, we encourage our partners to take environmentally responsible actions, such as investing in recycling and energy efficiency in their buildings.

The Tahko tourism area aims to achieve the Sustainable Travel Finland label by 2024. Around 20 local tourism companies are involved in accomplishing our shared goal. We believe that making tourism more sustainable does good things not only for our region, but also for the well-being of our visitors. By valuing our region together, we value every local resident and visitor too.


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